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Owner/ Stylist/Certified Hair Loss Specialist

Shanna Cochran is a loving wife, mother of four and the humble owner/ licensed cosmetologist of Salon S.C.

As a 2005 Graduate of Empire Beauty School, she has never allowed her hobby of doing hair to fall by the wayside. Recently added to her many titles, that she takes extreme pride in, is; CERTIFIED HAIR LOSS SPECIALIST. Her experience in this area allows her to work with dermatologists, oncologist, and many other healthcare professionals to assist women suffering from hair loss.

   Clients who book services with Shanna, find that with great passion and dedication to the craft, comes unmatched skills and education to care for their hair. Skill, combined with a unique talent to educate each person that sits in her chair along with her commitment to a phenomenal client experience, are why clients come back time and again.

Don't hesitate to schedule your appointment and discover what she can do for you.